Yankee Stadium History

by NYJ Team

On the 6th of February 1921, the Yankees sent out a press release stating the intended purchase of 10 acres of land in the Bronx. Just one year later, the Yankees bought Babe Ruth from the Boston Red Sox. This set a precedent which would make the New York Yankees one of the most successful and influential sports teams in the world.

Initially sharing a stadium with the Giants, the Yankees broke away to build their own stadium which have the capacity to host 70,000 fans. On opening day, the stadium was crammed with spectators, with thousands more cramming outside the gates. The inaugural game took place against the Red Sox, with Babe Ruth hitting a three-run homer to smash the Sox 4-1. The new stadium and new fame was a thorn in the side of the Giants who were not used to playing second fiddle to the Yankees. This rivalry was compounded when the Yankees hosted the first of their 33 World Series over their former landlords, the Giants. The total currently stands at 26. Because of Babe Ruth’s enigmatic pulling power, the stadium became known as ??The House That Ruth Built??.

Over the years the stadium has undergone certain aesthetic and comfort changes, but the true character and appeal of the Yankee Stadium is still very much a part of a history which can still be felt today.

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