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In October of 1987, the New York Stock Exchange and other major stock markets worldwide crashed. In response to this terrible financial downfall, Arturo Di Modica decided to craft a unique art installation for the people of New York City. With some help from a Brooklyn-based art foundation, this Italian artist designed and created a large cast of a bull statue that represented the Financial District of NYC. The talented sculptor also used hundreds of thousands of his own money for the project. More than two years after the stock market crash, Di Modica and his affiliates symbolically set up the Charging Bull near the New York Stock Exchange. This installation was carefully placed as a gift under a Christmas tree near the historic edifice. However, the Charging Bull was considered guerrilla artwork, so it was shortly removed by local authorities. Pressured by the citizens of NYC, the police department and other municipal agencies moved the statue to Bowling Green, which is just a few blocks away from the NYSE. In fact, an official dedication ceremony was held for the relocation of this bronze figure by Di Modica. Since then, the Charging Bull has symbolized the Bull Market of Wall Street and other markets worldwide. Standing 11 feet tall and weighing 7,100 pounds, this statue is one of the most photographed landmarks in the Financial District. Click to book your Wall Street & Financial District walking tour. During the short-lived Occupy Wall Street movement, the Charging Bull was used heavily in visual propaganda against corporations in New York City and the world. Fortunately, the historic artwork was not vandalized by protesters who were quite hostile towards the entire Financial District. The New York Police Department stationed armed officers to guard the statue at the height of Occupy Wall Street. Since it's made of bronze, the statue is naturally subject to corrosive damage. When posing near the iconic figure, tourists tend to also touch the horns and other body parts. Such practices are discouraged because they could deteriorate the protective outer coatings of the bull.

Visiting Charging Bull Statue

The Charging Bull stands on a wedge-shaped plaza along Broadway in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan. Served by the 4 and 5 trains of the New York City Subway, the Bowling Green station is located just steps away from the statue. Both of these lines run through Midtown Manhattan and the Upper East Side. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) operates several bus routes that also stop along various points on this busy stretch of Broadway. The famous Wall Street is situated just two blocks north of the Charging Bull. Several underground stations are located on this important street that's home to the New York Stock Exchange. The Bowling Green Park and National Museum of the American Point are good reference points for this relatively small statue that's overshadowed by some of NYC's tallest skyscrapers. Served by the Staten Island Ferry, Whitehall Terminal is also located within walking distance of the Charging Bull. Additionally, there are multiple Citi Bike stations throughout Lower Manhattan.

Location: along Broadway in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan, New York City, NY

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