City Island Nautical Museum

Located in City Island, Bronx, New York, the Nautical Museum has several permanent exhibits that present local boating history. You can learn about the island's rich maritime heritage by viewing the galleries and taking guided walking tours. This charming museum is centrally located near numerous waterfront restaurants, marinas and boutiques.

Exhibits Promotion
The permanent galleries at the City Island Nautical Museum primarily consist of photographs and other printed materials that showcase the fascinating maritime history of City Island. You'll see images of the island's earliest docks, marinas and other facilities that were used to build and repair boats, yachts and other vessels. Some of the most popular artifacts on display include scale models of historic watercraft that once navigated the waters surrounding New York City. You'll also see original hardware and accessories from boats that were docked on the island throughout the generations. The exhibits at the museum are classified into the Step Back in Time, Sail Making, America's Cup and Dorade themes. Due to the regional climate, this museum typically remains closed during the winter. The waterfront areas of City Island usually accommodate the peak tourist season in the summer. Therefore, the museum's store is a popular venue for buying some cool souvenirs with nautical themes. For example, you can purchase a wooden sailboat model or rope wristlets.

Walking Tours

The Nautical Museum organizes walking tours of City Island on a seasonal basis. When you sign up for this guided tour, you'll have the chance to view more than 20 notable sites on this quaint island. All tours begin at Veterans Memorial Triangle, which prominently marks the entry point to the neighborhood. Heading southward on City Island Avenue, you'll see several local landmarks that have been preserved and restored. For example, the Samuel Pell House is located along the island's main avenue. Some of the district's historic places of worship include the Temple Beth-El and Trinity United Methodist Church. The walking tour ends at the Stepping Stones Lighthouse that's synonymous with Belden Point. Facing the Little Neck Back that separates the Bronx and Queens, this is the southernmost tip of the island. Several waterfront restaurants are located at Belden Point, such as Tony's Pier and Johnny's Reef.

Visiting City Island Nautical Museum

The Nautical Museum is centrally located in City Island, a historic district that's part of the Bronx, New York. City Island Avenue is the main road that runs through the heart of this small island. It takes just a few minutes to drive between the island's northern and southern tips. City Island Road connects this waterfront neighborhood with Pelham Bay Park, one of the largest public recreational spaces in NYC. Interstate 95 is a major highway that leads to this popular park. Public transportation is limited on City Island, which is perhaps one of the most isolated districts in the Big Apple. The BX29 and BXm8 buses of the MTA make several stops along City Island Avenue. Rail service is also available at the Pelham Bay Park station, which is more than 1 mile away from the maritime-themed museum. If you have the luxury of renting a private boat or yacht, then you can easily get to the island, which has several historic marinas and other facilities to accommodate watercraft. The museum is housed in a former elementary school at the corner of Fordham Street and Fordham Place. This cultural center is nested in a quiet residential community with little car and pedestrian traffic. Free parking is widely available on some of the charming streets surrounding the museum.

Location: 190 Fordham Street, Bronx, New York City, NY, 10464

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Published On: 2019-02-27
Updated On: 2019-02-27

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190 Fordham Street, Bronx

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