Bronx Zoo
Tiger Mountain at the Bronx Zoo
The Bronx was originally named by Dutch settlers who dominated the New Amsterdam colony in the 1600's. The British Empire controlled the land before losing it during the American Revolutionary War. During the early 19th century, development in the Bronx was moderate compared to Manhattan and Brooklyn. In 1898, the Bronx was officially designated a borough of New York City. Since then, this borough has absorbed huge waves of immigrants from Europe, the Caribbean and South America.

Landmarks and Attractions

Covering more than 260 acres, the Bronx Zoo is one of the most popular attractions in the Bronx. More than 4,000 animals live in this sanctuary that was established in the late 19th century. Some of the themed exhibits at this world-class zoo include the African Plains, Tiger Mountain, World of Reptiles and Bison Range. After embracing wild creatures, you can visit the neighbouring New York Botanical Garden. Occupying about 250 acres, this lush paradise supports a diverse ecosystem of native and exotic trees, flowers, plants, shrubs and grasses. Dedicated completely to botany, the LuEsther T. Mertz is housed in an elegant mansion that was once owned by a wealthy tycoon of the Gilded Age. Promotion
The zoo and botanical garden are separated by East Fordham Road, and the Bronx River runs through both attractions. As the largest green space in the Bronx, Pelham Bay Park offers plenty of wonders for outdoor lovers. This scenic park is scattered on multiple islands and peninsulas along the Long Island Sound. Since opening in the 1970's, the Bronx Museum of the Arts has significantly enriched the cultural scene in the borough. Inspired by the local demographics, this museum displays artwork by Asian, African and Hispanic artists. Another hidden cultural gem in the Bronx is the Maritime Industry Museum, which occupies a part of the historic Fort Schuyler. This small museum focuses on the rich nautical heritage of NYC and the United States.

Sports and Entertainment

Since the 1920's, the New York Yankees of the MLB have been proudly based in the Bronx. The new Yankee Stadium was opened in 2009 to mark a new era in the franchise's successful run in the borough. Local sports fans often refer to the team as the Bronx Bombers. In 2015, the New York City Football Club of the MLS moved into this multi-purpose venue. The formation of this team further solidified NYC's status as a powerhouse in professional sports on a national scale. Click to book your Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn bus tour.


Bronx, NYC
The Bronx boasts some of NYC's most precious cultural commodities
As the northernmost borough in New York City, the Bronx gets excellent service from the New York City subway and the Metro-North Commuter Railroad. Most of the top attractions are conveniently located within walking distance of busy train stations. For example, the 161 Street-Yankee Stadium gets quite busy on game days. Fordham Road near the Bronx Zoo is lined with several train stations that are served by subway and commuter trains. Interstate 87 and Interstate 95 provide convenient ways for drivers to navigate all major neighborhoods in the Bronx. Both of these highways are connected to the George Washington Bridge, which is by far the busiest water crossing in the New York Metropolitan area.

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