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One of the biggest draws throughout New York City is the legendary shopping, dining and sightseeing located on Fifth Avenue. The street is a hive of activity as high-end stores mingle with legendary theatres and world renown dining. Visitors to Fifth Avenue should be prepared to engage in a flow of traffic thanks to its popularity. Click to book your Fashion on Fifth Avenue Shopping tour

Fifth Avenue Promotion
A trip down to Fifth Avenue needs to be planned out before a visit is made. Visiting the area can be especially tricky for drivers within the city which is why local businesses advise taking some form of public transit into the area instead. Tourists should look to utilise a taxi or some sort of mobile transport company to get them there. Locals who are comfortable with public transit can take a bus, shuttle, cab or subway down to Fifth Avenue. Click to book your Fashion on Fifth Avenue Shopping tour

About Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue is one of the most iconic shopping areas in the world as well as one of the most expensive. The avenue stretches throughout Manhattan from West 143rd Street to Washington Square North in the Greenwich Village. However, shoppers will want to focus in the stores in between 49th Street and 60th Street as these are where the most prestigious brands are located. It’s has been considered a high end, stylish shopping area since the 1860s and time has not diminished that reputation.

Shopping on Fifth Avenue

As mentioned above, there is abundant shopping on Fifth Avenue, featuring almost every big-name fashion designer store ranging from Gucci and Versace all the way to Prada and Tiffany & Co, most of which you’ll find on 57th Street near Central Park. Just one block from there is the renowned Apple Store that you’ll recognise by the unique glass cube right across from the legendary Plaza hotel. While it is easy to walk from store to store, there are also private shopping tours that visitors to the city might be interested in taking part. No matter how long visitors plan on shopping, they would do well to dress comfortably because there is plenty of walking to do in order to see everything.

Attractions in the Area

Fifth Avenue is entirely filled to the brim with attractions. Once you get tired, you can take advantage of the Museum Mile which is located right on Fifth Avenue. From The Guggenheim Museum to Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met) there is something to see for everyone. Visitors will also be only walking distance from Rockefeller Center and Trump Tower.

Local Dining

Insofar as Fifth Avenue is a haven for upscale shopping, it is also a hot spot for some of the best culinary in the entire world. One of the most popular places is the Brasserie Ruhlmann, which is something for an upscale French dining experience that visitors just won't find anywhere else. For tourists looking for a classy and affordable lunch, the Cafe S.F.A. cannot be beaten, offering medium to upscale lunches for shoppers in the area looking to get off their feet and rest for a moment or two.

Visiting Fifth Avenue

Location: Fifth Avenue shopping is from Fifth Avenue, New York City, NY

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