Fraunces Tavern Museum - Celbrating 300 Years!

History buffs, particularly those with an interest in the Revolutionary War and Colonial America, will love visiting the Fraunces Tavern and its museum. Fraunces Tavern is the oldest standing structure in New York City and a favourite haunt of George Washington. It was at this site where Washington said goodbye to his officers after America won the Revolution.

The museum is located upstairs from the Fraunces Tavern restaurant, which is a 1907 replica of the original 1796 tavern. Visitors can stand right where Washington stood in the famous Long Room of 1783. The museum features exhibitions of art and artifacts about New York City at the time of the Revolutionary War. Click to book your Fraunces Tavern Museum admission ticket.

Washington's Farewell

Fraunces Tavern Museum
Fraunces Tavern Museum (Photo Credit: Fraunces TavernĀ® Museum)
The Fraunces Tavern was built in 1719 as a home for merchant Stephan Delancey and his family. It was then bought in 1762 by Samuel Fraunces, whose tavern-keeping savvy turned it into a major hotspot. It played a key role in many pre-Revolutionary activities and it was here that George Washington gave his farewell address to his officers at the end of the Revolution. After the war, the offices of the Departments of War, Treasury and Foreign Affairs were located here. The building was later returned to its colonial appearance by a preservation architect, and was opened to the public as a museum in 1907.
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