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Situated in Manhattan, New York, the Ground Zero Museum Workshop presents the history of the recovery period after the 9/11 tragedy. The museum was established by Marlon Suson, who was hired to document the cleanup at Ground Zero. This professional photographer has proudly vowed to donate proceeds from his work to various charities that help victims of the attacks. The permanent collection at this specialty museum includes thousands of photographs and hundreds of artifacts that were recovered from the ruins of the Twin Towers. Click to book your Ground Zero Museum Workshop Tour .

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The Ground Zero Museum Workshop has an extensive collection of photographs, videos and audio files that present various stages of the recovery period after the September 11 Attacks. The permanent galleries include high-resolution images of the ruins of the World Trade Center. More importantly, the photos capture the heroic efforts of New York City’s firefighters, police officers and other individuals who were involved in rebuilding the damaged sites. Every image tells a powerful story about the events that unfolded after the Twin Towers collapsed. For example, you'll see plenty of photos of firefighters and police officers who are identified by name. Some of the images were deliberately taken to highlight the large-scale aspects of the recovery period. For instance, you'll see firefighters with their backs turned away from the camera facing mounds of debris from the destroyed towers. The role of civilians is also emphasized in the permanent galleries at the Ground Zero Museum Workshop. You'll see photos of small vigils and memorials that were made by New Yorkers and tourists from all over the world. Group tours at this museum allow visitors to enjoy an intimate experience with insider knowledge that's not widely available online. Lasting approximately two hours, the tour begins with a 12-minute video that introduces viewers to the recovery period. Click to book your Ground Zero Museum Workshop Tour. Visitors have the chance to hold original artifacts that were recovered from the ruins of the Twin Towers. Small pieces of wood, metal and other structural components from the skyscrapers surely tell powerful stories. Some of the objects may include tools that were used to dig through the debris in search of human remains. The self-guided tour encourages visitors to explore more than 100 different stories about the recovery period. There's also an opportunity to ask the guide about specific images and audio files that are installed in the main galleries. For instance, you might be curious about the fate of some firefighters who were photographed under hazardous conditions. After all, many workers from the sites have been diagnosed with respiratory illnesses due to excessive exposure to airborne contaminants. The tour ends with a fun trivia that tests your knowledge of the recovery phase at Ground Zero. Upon heading out from the museum, you could buy autographed copies of books and other printed materials.

Visiting Ground Zero Museum Workshop

Located in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, the venue is easily accessible by public transportation. Several New York City Subway routes serve the 14th Street Station, which stands just a few blocks away from the museum. Multiple Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) bus lines can drop you off just steps away from the attraction. The M11 and M12 routes run along 9th Avenue, a major thoroughfare in this part of the borough. If you drive to the museum by car, you could take exit 4 on 11th Avenue, which carries northbound and southbound traffic along the banks of the Hudson River. Charging hourly and daily fees, parking garages near the museum are located just off the historic Gansevoort Street.

Location: 420 West 14th Street, Floor 2, New York City, NY, 10014

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Published On: 2019-03-15
Updated On: 2019-03-15

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420 West 14th Street, Floor 2

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