McNulty's Tea & Coffee

McNulty's Tea & Coffee Company

Nestled in the heart of Greenwich Village, this charming shop is a must-visit destination for coffee and tea aficionados. For over a century, McNulty's Tea & Coffee Company has been offering a vast selection of premium teas and coffees from all around the globe.

Specialty Coffee and Rare Teas Since 1895

The Zagat-rated McNulty’s Tea & Coffee Company is known for its excellent selection of coffee beans and loose-leaf teas. From the customer service offered by the knowledgeable staff to the antique scales and store fixtures that date back to the early twentieth century, this shop offers a true old-world New York City experience.

Countless Varieties of Teas

Craving a cup of Indian Golden Darljeeling or Chinese Lapsang Souchong? McNulty’s boasts an enormous selection of rare and exotic teas ranging from oolongs to Japanese green teas to South African Rooibos herbal teas, as well as a signature line of tea blends. The store has chests of loose-leaf teas from all around the world including organic and decaffeinated varieties.

McNulty’s sells many tea accessories to complement their premium tea selection. The store features Bodum glass press pots, Japanese Tetsubin-style iron pots and classic English Rockinghams which are often said to brew the best pot of tea. First-time loose-leaf drinkers can also pick up a tea infuser or strainer.

Coffee Blends from Around the World

The coffee bar at McNulty’s is brimming with a wide array of coffee beans from a variety of regions including South America, Africa, Arabia, the Caribbean, the Asia and Pacific Region and North and Central America. From smooth, rich-bodied Costa Rican blends to mild and mellow Venezuelan brews the staff at McNulty’s can advise you on the right type of beans to suit your taste. McNulty’s offers a variety of organic coffees including several fair-trade options and a selection of chemical-free decaffeinated beans.

If the thought of chocolate-cherry coffee makes your mouth water, you are in for a treat. McNulty’s Tea & Coffee Company offers large selection of flavoured coffees including coconut, crème brûlée, Southern pecan, toasted praline and chocolate mint. And those who want to enjoy a flavoured brew without the caffeine jolt are in luck; McNulty’s offers a tasty selection of flavoured decaffeinated coffees.

Visiting McNulty's Tea & Coffee Company

McNulty’s is located at 109 Christopher Street (between Bedford and Bleecker Streets) in the West Village (the western part of Greenwich Village) neighbourhood of Manhattan. For more information call or visit the McNulty's Tea & Coffee Company website .

Location: 109 Christopher Street, New York City, New York
Phone: 1-800-356-5200
Local Call: 212-242-5351
Store Type: Tea & Coffee Shop

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