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As one of the premier cultural hubs in Long Island City, Queens, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) PS1 celebrates contemporary arts and crafts. It's important to emphasise that MoMA PS1 is essentially a satellite extension of the much larger MoMA in Midtown Manhattan. In addition to hosting routine exhibits, the PS1 branch seeks to nurture and develop emerging masters who specialise in experimental methods of modern art. Occupying a renovated warehouse that was once abandoned, this museum also hosts annual music concerts that are known as the Warm Up. MoMA PS1 is one of the oldest and largest nonprofit contemporary art institutions in the United States. Click to book your Museum of Modern Art with Skip-the-Line Access admission ticket.


MoMA PS1 (Photo Credit: Museum of Modern Art - MoMA)
In the early 1970's, many portions of western Queens experienced severe urban decay and economic decline. Working on behalf of the Institute for Art and Urban Resources Inc, Alana Heiss launched an initiative to transform empty buildings into cultural centres. In 1976, she proudly opened the first exhibition at the PS1 Contemporary Art Center. Featuring furniture and other household items, Rooms was the official name of the organisation's debut exhibit. Serving as the museum's director for more than two decades, the passionate Heiss fundamentally transformed the venue into one of NYC's top hubs for the visual arts. Throughout the years, this versatile facility has hosted special events, educational programs and design seminars with a focus on contemporary arts. Heiss has always wanted the museum to do much more than just display static items in galleries. At the beginning of the 21st century, MoMA in Manhattan officially created an affiliation with MoMA PS1 in a long-term attempt to expand and evolve the preservation and creation of contemporary art in the Big Apple. Click to book your Museum of Modern Art with Skip-the-Line Access admission ticket.


Instead of having large galleries that are dominated by items from a permanent collection, MoMA PS1 mostly hosts temporary exhibits on a seasonal schedule throughout the year. MoMA PS1 devotes its energy and resources to displaying the most experimental art in the world. The Museum actively pursues emerging artists, new genres, and adventurous new work in an effort to support innovation in contemporary art. Exhibitions at MoMA PS1 include artists' retrospectives, site-specific installations, and a full schedule of music and performance programming. Visitors are encouraged to immerse themselves in the spacial components of the abstract and eclectic art that's on display. To truly understand the experimental and unorthodox installations in the galleries, visitors are strongly encouraged to take audio tours and access complimentary digital or printed brochures.

Education and Entertainment

The Young Architects Program (YAP) at MoMA PS1 is an annual competition that seeks some of the brightest architects in the United States. Participants must create virtual plans that might ultimately be constructed at the actual museum. Consisting of diverse experts in the architectural field, a rigorous jury selects a single winner each year. The winner's work is then implemented into a temporary installation at the museum's Warm Up music festival. Featuring concerts on weekends for several months, this event entertains crowds with electronic, dance and other similar genres. The setting for the Warm Up is essentially a large urban garden with a pulsating crowd.

Visiting MoMA PS1 Promotion
MoMA PS1 proudly stands in the heart of Long Island City, which is one of the most vibrant districts in the borough of Queens. Overlooking the iconic skyline of Manhattan, this bustling neighborhood also has an extensive waterfront section along the East River. Situated only one block away from the museum, the Court Square station offers rapid transit service along the 7 Line of the New York City subway system. Also located just a short walk away from the museum, the 21st Street-Van Alst Station is served by the G Line of the subway network. Additionally, Long Island Railroad (LIRR) trains stop at the Hunterpoint Avenue station. There are plenty of Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) buses that run along the busy Jackson Avenue that's right outside the museum's entrance.

Location: 22-25 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City, NY, 11101

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22-25 Jackson Avenue

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