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New York Aquarium is the oldest continually operating aquarium in the country, right on the boardwalk in Coney Island, Brooklyn. Operated by Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), like Bronx Zoo, Central Park Zoo and other establishments, it's on a mission to inspire people to value nature. Driven by that, it’s home to over 250 species of aquatic wildlife as well as family-friendly activities, exhibits and venues like Aquatheater, Conservation Hall, Sea Cliffs and 4-D Theatre. Click to book your NYC Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour.

New York Aquarium Experiences Promotion
There are plenty of activities, exhibitions and entertainment for everyone in the aquarium, even toddlers. This includes various shows with trainers, feedings and educational programs for teens in different grades. Here’s what you can expect when visiting New York Aquarium. Aquatheater - New York Aquarium’s Aquatheater is the place to see California Sea Lion performances with their trainers. Visitors like it for entertaining and hilarious shows, as animals do tricks and dance around in between educational breaks about sea life. The shows are hosted daily, depending on the weather. Conservation Hall - On the left from Aquatheater, visitors will find New York Aquarium’s Conservation Hall, which is open all your round. It’s home to three habitat exhibits and galleries: the Pacific Ocean’s Coral Triangle, two freshwater lakes of Africa, Lake Malawi and Lake Victoria, and the Amazonian flooded forest in Brazil. Visitors will get a snorkeler's-eye view of colourful marine life, including piranhas, stingrays, angelfish, clownfish, anemones and black pacus, featuring Cownose Ray and Green Moral Eel. Glover’s Reef - Like Conservation Hall, Glover’s Reef is also a major part of A Sea Change at the New York Aquarium, a 10-year transformation initiative announced in 2009. The 167,000-gallon exhibit showcases fish and coral native to the reef in Belize, including eels, Atlantic rays, French angels, and Cuban hogfish. For educational purposes, the gallery also features graphics and an interactive coral kiosk to provide information about environmental threats facing reef systems. Sea Cliffs - Right outside Aquatheater, New York Aquarium guests will find Sea Cliffs that are popular for their animal feedings, featuring black-footed penguins, harbour seals, Pacific walruses, California sea lions and sea otters. The attraction is open year-round and is accessible by wheelchair like the other exhibitions. Sharks, Rays & Turtles - On the north of New York Aquarium area, visitors will find a display with sand tiger sharks, rays and turtles. Being hosted in a temporary home means the location is subject to change with the opening of Ocean Wonders: Sharks!. Ocean Wonders: Sharks! - Ocean Wonders: Sharks! is part of the new chapter in New York Aquarium’s history: an all-new 57,000-square-foot building with a thrilling exhibit on an area that’s planned to open for public in 2018. As the name implies, it will tell the urgent story of sharks as endangered species, including whitetip and blacktip reef sharks, sandbar and sand tiger sharks, Port Jackson sharks, wobblegongs, and nurse sharks.Click to book your NYC Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour.

Educational Programmes

The establishment is also home to various educational programs. This includes summer camps for 3rd- to 8th-grade students, single-day camps for children and teens, like the Keeper for a Day programme, as well as family programs like Breakfast with the Animals series (sharks, seals and sea lions, and penguins), and Aquarium Toddler Time.

4-D Theatre

As if the above wasn’t enough, one 4-D theatre admission is also included with a ticket to the Aquarium, combining the visual drama of a 3-D film with a variety of built-in sensory effects, featuring movies like Ice Age 4-D: No Time for Nuts. All in all, New York Aquarium is a must-visit venue while in Coney Island or on a leisure trip to the city, offering both educational and entertainment elements for people of all ages.

Visiting New York Aquarium

Location: 602 Surf Avenue and West 8th Street in Brooklyn, New York

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