New York City Fire Museum

The New York City Fire Museum proudly honours firefighters who have been serving New York City since colonial times. Located in a historic district in Manhattan, this museum highlights the evolution of firefighting in NYC. Vintage vehicles, equipment, documents, decorative items and tools are displayed in several permanent exhibits that celebrate NYC's true heroes.


New York City Fire Museum
In the early 193'0s, the Fire College Museum opened in a bustling neighbourhood in the borough of Queens. After two decades, the growing institution was relocated to an operational firehouse in Lower Manhattan. Thanks to the Friends of the New York City Fire Department, the museum moved into an elegant firehouse along the historic Spring Street. Once home to the Engine Company Number 30, the Beaux-Arts building is an architectural landmark in its own right. This charming and elegant property has stood in the heart of Lower Manhattan since 1904. With some funding from NYC and other generous private non-profit groups, the New York City Fire Museum has successfully renovated the former engine house to its full glory. When visiting this niche museum, visitors should expect to interact with friendly retired firefighters who are more than happy to share their fascinating stories.


Several permanent exhibitions occupy most of the New York City Fire Museum. The Firefighting on Parade focuses on the history of parades that have been led by firefighters in New York City since the early 19th century. Authentic plaques, banners, badges, lighting and other decorative items are on display in this gallery. A vintage Steinway hose carriage is one of the highlights of this permanent exhibit. The Romance of Firefighting honours the brave individuals who passionately volunteered to keep NYC's streets safe from blazes. Certificates, paintings and sculptures shed some light on some of the city's earliest firefighters. The Fire Apparatus hall includes an array of classic vehicles, steam engines and other equipment from numerous eras. For example, this exhibit features a coal-powered La France engine from 1901. Primarily made of wood, a Farnam pumper from the 19th century will surely impress visitors as well. At the Tools and Uniforms exhibit, the evolution of firefighting equipment takes centre stage. Stokes baskets, roof saws, iron axes and Draeger smoke helmets are some of the items that can be seen in this section of the museum. One of the most recent additions to the permanent gallery space is the 9/11 Memorial Room. This area pays tribute to 343 fallen heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice during the attacks on the World Trade Centers on 09/11/2001. The poignant exhibit includes tools and artefacts that have been recovered from the ruins of the destructed towers. Additionally, the 9/11 Memorial Room examines the regional and global effects of the terrorist attacks.

Visiting New York City Fire Museum

Situated in the heart of Lower Manhattan, the New York City Fire Museum is conveniently accessible from nearly all major points of the borough. Served by the busy C and E lines of the New York City subway system, the Spring Street station is located within two blocks of the museum. Additional train service is available at the nearby Houston Street and Canal Street stops. All of these underground stations essentially link the neighbourhood with the rest of NYC. The narrow, historic roads that surround the museum also get plenty of bus service by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Additionally, promenades along the eastern banks of the scenic Hudson River are just a short walk from the New York City Fire Museum. The Holland Tunnel, one of the busiest vehicular passages in Manhattan, also runs through several blocks that surround the museum.

Location: 278 Spring Street, New York City, NY, 10013

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