Pearl River Mart

Artwork and Decor Promotion
The Pearl River Mart has a large inventory of traditional household goods with Oriental themes. You can buy premium calligraphy pens, brushes, ink and other writing supplies. Used to carry out basic arithmetic operations for generations, abacus sets are available for sale at this shop. From greeting cards and address books to journals and wrapping paper, you'll find a huge selection of Chinese-themed stationery at this specialty store too. Click to book your Fashion on Fifth Avenue Shopping tour. Folding fans, parasols, kites and gongs are available in colorful designs with premium materials, such as bamboo and fabric. Paper balloons, daruma sets, dragon puppets and clay figurines are some novelty items that are commonly used to celebrate various Chinese holidays. There's an entire section that's stocked with items relating to the Lunar New Year. Decorative ornaments, head masks, piggies, tassels and zodiac paper cuts are some simple items that come in handy for celebrating one of the most important Chinese holidays. Small statues of Buddha are available in resin, plastic, wood, marble and other durable materials. Of course, the Pearl River Mart boasts an extensive collection of traditional Chinese ceramics for the home. Bowls, mugs, plates and other kitchenware with intricate decorations are displayed on the shelves of the store. Many of the items have high-quality glazing and signature blue-and-white patterns. Tokusa and blossoms are some of the most popular designs for the ceramics that are sold at this shop. Vases, jars and other containers with ancient inspirations make great additions to any living room. You'll even find specialty drinkware for tea and sake. Cast iron teapots with contoured handles are popular among connoisseurs of Oriental beverages.

Other Products

The Health & Wellness department at the Pearl River Mart includes a large selection of green and black tea. Ginger, jasmine, ginkgo and other herbal extracts are included in some of the tea products. You'll also find exotic roots and other botanical supplements that promote health and wellness for adults. This retailer also sells colorful jewelry pieces with jade, porcelain, glass and other materials. Ladies and young girls will love the Ying Yang necklaces and bead-style bracelets. Additionally, the shop has basic apparel and shoes for children, men and women. For example, you can buy kung fu-style slippers and braided bamboo hats at low prices.

Visiting Pearl River Mart

The Pearl River Mart has its flagship location in the heart of the trendy Tribeca neighborhood in Lower Manhattan. This store is situated at the corner of Walker Street and Broadway, one of the busiest thoroughfares in the borough. Served by four different NYC Subway lines, the Canal Street Station is located just two blocks away from the flagship store. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) M55, X27 and X28 buses also stop near this retailer. Additionally, the mart is open for business at the Chelsea Market, a commercial hub that stands at the intersection of 9th Avenue and 15th Street in Manhattan. The 14th Street subway station is located just a couple of blocks away from this neighborhood market. Some of the MTA buses that stop near the market include M11, M12, M14A and M14D. Public parking in Chelsea and Tribeca is limited, so you'll save time and money by using buses and trains instead of driving by car.

Location: 395 Broadway, New York City, NY, 10013 and other location at 75 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011

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Published On: 2016-10-18
Updated On: 2019-01-31

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