Radio City Music Hall


Radio City Music Hall
Radio City Music Hall in the famous Rockefeller Center
Radio City Music Hall is part of the Rockefeller Center, which is a mixed-used complex that was developed during the early 1930's by the wealthy Rockefeller family. Initially, there were ambitious plans to construct an opera house that would entertain the upper class of NYC. However, such plans quickly shifted into an interest in opening a music hall in the heart of the bustling centre of Manhattan. NBC and RCA were some major entities that had a strong say in the overall development of the Rockefeller Center. These companies supported a venue that eventually evolved into the current Radio City Music Hall. Architect Edward Durell Stone took a leading role in designing the venue in the Art Deco style, which was one of the most popular themes during the 1930's. Despite the Great Depression, the Rockefellers and their affiliates successfully built the music hall, several skyscrapers and other structures. The 1970's marked one of the worst periods in this iconic venue that was competing with the rapidly changing multimedia industry worldwide. Cable television and other emerging visual presentations almost lead to the bankruptcy and closing of Radio City Music Hall. Fortunately, the Showpeople’s Committee To Save Radio City Music Hall saved the landmark from a tragic demise. Throughout its rich history, the hall has hosted plenty of events beyond just traditional concerts and the performance arts. The Madison Square Garden Company has dominated the modern operations of the hall. As the name suggests, this corporation has strong ties to NYC's Madison Square Garden, which is home to several professional sports franchises. Click to book your Radio City Stage Door Tour.

Entertainment at Radio City Music Hall

The Rockettes are without a doubt the most popular features of Radio City Music Hall. Specializing in precision dance, these talented entertainers have fascinated crowds in NYC for generations. Consisting of beautiful young ladies, the Rockettes are particularly known for their high kicks and synchronized choreography. With a heritage that goes back to 1933, the Radio City Christmas Spectacular is another iconic series that has brought joy to countless spectators. Typically performed during the holiday season right after Thanksgiving, this show is filled with Christmas carols and other uplifting songs for the whole family. The layout of Radio City Hall includes the Orchestra level right near the main stage. The First Mezzanine, Second Mezzanine and Third Mezzanine make up the other seating arrangements. These cascading mezzanine levels encircle the outer perimeter of the Orchestra section. Approximately 6,000 guests can enjoy an unforgettable show inside this world-class venue.

Visiting Radio City Music Hall Promotion
Centrally located in Midtown Manhattan, Radio City Music Hall is easily accessible through several public transportation options. Situated at the corner of 6th Avenue and 47th Street, the Rockefeller Street Station is served by the B, D, F and M lines of the New York City subway network. This busy underground station is primarily used by passengers heading to and from the Rockefeller Center, which includes the iconic GE Building. Some other subway stops that are within walking distance of Radio City Music Hall include 49 Street and 5th Avenue/53rd Street. Overall, there are more than 10 subway lines that are located within a few blocks of the performance venue. Situated about a dozen blocks away from Radio City Music Hall, Grand Central Terminal is one the busiest transit hubs in NYC. This historic landmark is connected to more than 10 commuter rail lines. Additionally, plenty of Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) buses navigate the streets and avenues of Midtown Manhattan.

Location: 1260 6th Avenue (between W. 50th and W. 51st Streets), New York, NY, 10020

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Published On: 2018-12-27
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