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If you need to pick up a congratulatory bottle of champagne for someone special or a high-end bottle of scotch for your boss, Sherry-Lehmann is the place to go. Often referred to as the best wine store in New York City, Sherry-Lehmann offers an outstanding selection of wine and spirits as well as gifts and accessories for wine aficionados. Click to book your Fashion on Fifth Avenue Shopping tour.

Heaven for Wine Connoisseurs Promotion
Oenophiles will be in their glory at Sherry-Lehman as the store prides itself on its vast array of vintages from wineries around the world. The wine collection represents every noteworthy grand and premier cru, vintage, and vineyard. The wide array of French wines resembles a cellar in a French chateau. Sherry-Lehmann also carries often hard-to-find imperials and magnums. Click to book your Fashion on Fifth Avenue Shopping tour. But more casual wine enthusiasts need not be intimidated. This retailer prides itself on its policy of “service, service, service” and its knowledgeable staff are on hand to help you choose the best wine that suits your taste, budget and occasion.

The "Sherry-Lehmann Selections" Seal

Bottles that feature the “Sherry-Lehmann Selections” seal are house favourites that have been imported specially for the store. This seal indicates a wine from a vineyard region that Sherry-Lehman feels represents excellent quality and value. Typically Sherry-Lehmann wine selections are available all year round.

Spirits & More

From bourbon and brandy to gin and grappa, Sherry-Lehmann offers a wide array of spirits in addition to its vast inventory of wine and champagne. Shoppers can choose from a carefully edited selection of scotch, port, whiskey and vodka as well as an inspired collection of rum, brandy and liqueurs.

Award-Winning Service & Selection for Over 70 Years

A renowned retailer in the wine industry for decades, Vanity Fair once referred to Sherry-Lehmann Wine & Spirits as the most ‘justly celebrated wine store in the nation’. In 2011 Sherry-Lehman won the prestigious Wine Retailer of the Year award at what is considered to be the Academy Awards of the wine world: Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s Wine Star Awards. This family-owned business was founded in 1934 after the repeal of Prohibition as Sherry Wine & Spirits Co. It was named for its first location in the Louis Sherry building on Madison Avenue at 62nd Street (where Hermes is now located.) It became Sherry-Lehmann in 1965 when it took over competitor M. Lehmann.
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