Situated in Manhattan, New York, Story is a unique venue that merges modern retail with art. This store sells quirky items that are neatly presented like artifacts in art galleries and museums. Customers will enjoy the thought-provoking and interactive experiences at this innovative venue that has approximately 2,000 sq feet of mixed-used space in a trendy district along the Hudson River. Click to book your Fashion on Fifth Avenue Shopping tour.

Background and History Promotion
Having a strong background in corporate marketing, Rachel Shechtman came up with a cutting-edge idea for retail in New York City. She wanted to create a dynamic marketplace in a boutique-like setting with elements of art and culture. Click to book your Fashion on Fifth Avenue Shopping tour. STORY opened for business in 2011 in a contemporary building with in a well-established commercial neighborhood. The following year, Shechtman launched exciting opportunities for local merchants to connect directly with shoppers. Attracting designers, manufacturers and other professionals from numerous industries, Pitch Night has been a successful tradition at this hip shopping hub. The venue continues to bring businesses and consumers together at exciting interactive events that prioritize culture over commerce.

Shopping Experience

Story hosts temporary exhibits with boutique-style displays of merchandise for sale. The items are arranged in configurations that are inspired by art galleries and museums rather than typical shops with an array of shelves and aisles. Every exhibit has a unique theme that focuses on emerging issues in modern society, ranging from love and sex to economics and art. Some of the seasonal presentations at this unorthodox retailer reflect the weather and climate. For example, the Out of Office encouraged customers to get into the summer spirit. Similarly, Home for the Holidays was launched in preparation of Christmas. Throughout the year, Story might be temporarily closed as it makes transitions between exhibits. However, visitors are invited to participate in various events that cater to adults and children. The scheduled seminars often include tips for do-it-yourself projects at home and in the office. Kids will love the arts and crafts activities that are offered at this shop. Adults will also appreciate the hands-on sessions that might be useful for home decor and interior design. The goal of the weekly events is to bring the community together in a fun setting that includes merchandise for sale.

Visiting Story

Story has a prime location at the corner of 10th Avenue and 19th Street in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. The M11 and M12 buses of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) stop near this unique retailer. The nearest New York City Subway station is located 23rd Street. You can take the A, C and E trains to this underground transit hub. Overlooking the Hudson River, Chelsea Piers is a notable mixed-used complex in the neighborhood. Additionally, the elevated High Line park adds natural charm to this urban district. Independent art galleries, cafes, bistros and theaters are some venues that define the vibrant atmosphere near the store. The nearby Whitney Museum of American Art also has a strong impact on the shop's philosophy and operations.

Location: 144 10th Avenue, New York City, NY, 10011

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Published On: 2019-02-19
Updated On: 2019-02-19

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