The Strand

The Strand

Featuring 18 miles of new, used and rare books, the Strand bookstore is a book lover’s paradise and a must-see for bibliophiles visiting New York City. A New York institution since 1927, this massive Union Square bookstore features everything from bestselling fiction to signed new collections to books under $10.

Miles and Miles of Books

The Strand features so many different sections that it is easy to lose yourselves in the racks and racks of books. From the banned books section on the underground level to the children’s classics on the second floor, there are thousands of options to browse through. Whether you are seeking literature anthologies or graphic novels, you are sure to find it within the 18 miles of books at the Strand. There is also large selection of used books and hard-to-find prints.

Book Row's Sole Survivor

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist George F. Will once wrote, "the eight miles worth saving in this city are at the corner of Broadway and 12th Street. They are the crammed shelves of the Strand Book Store." Those eight miles grew to 18 several years after Ben Bass opened the Strand in 1927 on Fourth Avenue- Manhattan’s Book Row. In the fifties, Ben’s son took over the business and moved the store to its present location. The store grew from 4,000 square-feet to the 55,000 square feet it occupies today. It is the only store still in existence of the 48 book shops on the legendary Book Row.

Strand Curated Collections

Many famous authors, journalists and artists have offered their favourite reading choices to this beloved bookstore. Some of the artists who have curated collections for the Strand include author of Fight Club Chuck Palahniuk and Pulitzer Prize-winning comics artist Art Spiegelman.

There have been plenty of celebrity sightings at the Strand and you may get to meet your favourite author at one of the Strand’s events, all of which are free and open to the public.

Books By the Foot

Imagine a book collection created just for you. Steven Spielberg is just one of the high-profile clients of the Strand’s Book by The Foot service, where a designer will customize a library to suit your needs. The Strand has created libraries for the Waldorf-Astoria and Ralph Lauren Polo, and also provides book rental services for set designers and home stagers.

Shopping at the Strand in New York City

The Strand is located at 828 Broadway between 12th and 13th Streets in Manhattan’s Union Square. For more information call or visit the The Strand website.

Location: 828 Broadway, New York City, New York
Phone: 212-473-1452
E-mail: website support form
Store Type: Book Store

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