Times Square

Times Square is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the entire planet. Named in 1904 after the New York Times relocated their head office to the neighbourhood, Times Square has grown exponentially over more than a century.

Now, analysts show that nearly 330,000 people roll through every single day. After all, a visit to New York cannot be considered complete until a trip to Times Square is thoroughly made. Found in Midtown Manhattan, Times Square is located from Broadway and 7th Avenue all the way down to between West 42nd and West 47th Street. Here are some of the top attractions, dining establishments, and annual events to partake in.

Entertainment and Attractions

New York's Times Square is unique in that it offers visitors a complete representation of America that offers entertainment for people of all ages and backgrounds. Visitors to Times Square that have a taste for finely tuned and well-crafted performance should consider seeing a Broadway show. For popular shows, such as Lin Manuel Miranda's Hamilton, it is advised to purchase tickets well in advance. However, visitors who want to see a show on a whim can find their way down to the TKTS Booth where same-day tickets are available. If visitors are coming with family and looking for a more relaxed time, then there are more than a few great options to partake in. First up is the famous Madame Tussaud, which has been in business for over 200 years now as they've wowed audiences around the world with lifelike celebrity wax figures. Madame Tussauds of Times Square has been at its current location since 2000. After a trip to the wax museum, families can wow their children by heading to Toys 'R' Us. This is no ordinary toy store, however, as it features its own indoor Ferris Wheel. Finally, a trip to Times Square should be filled with a thorough absorption of the actual sites within the area. One Times Square and the old New York Times Building are particularly beautiful to behold and absolutely steeped in history. A night time visit will also reveal all of the flashing lights, giant billboards, and street-side shows that make the location so famous.

Dining Establishments

Whether visitors are looking for a big lunch or a refined dinner, Times Square offers more than 250 dining options. Head to Restaurant Row on West 46th Street to dine at some of the oldest, most diverse, and most satisfying establishments in the area. Barbetta is an excellent choice for visitors looking for an upscale meal. This restaurant was founded back in 1906 by Sebastiano Maioglio and has been in the family ever since. If Restaurant Row doesn't sound appealing then head on over to the Theater District. There are over 200 total dining options in Times Square, and one of them is bound to hit the spot. Carmine's Italian, located on West 44th, is a local favourite as well as a place hugely popular with visitors. Carmine's focuses on large servings of classic Italian food inside of a dining hall that is upscale but still casual enough for jeans and a button down. Carmine's is a fantastic restaurant for families to settle in to a nice meal before heading out on the town.

Big Events and Spectacle

Times Square is where people gather, and as a result, there is always something going on. Times Square is probably most famous for the ball dropping ceremony on New Year's Eve, but there is so much more than that to enjoy. Families can come down for the Taste of Times Square to take in a giant food festival with some of the greatest food in the city. There is also the annual Times Square Kiss-In which happens on the anniversary celebrating the end of World War II – a perfect time for couples to show off their love.

Visiting Times Square

No trip to New York City is complete without a stop at Times Square. Its larger than life billboards and non-stop energy are sure to impress most traveler.

Location: Bordered by 6th and 9th Avenues and by 39th and 52nd Streets

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