Wollman Rink

Wollman Rink

Central Park has served as the backdrop for many iconic TV shows and movies. Wollman Rink is probably one of the most recognizable settings. Located in the park, this rink has been featured in many popular Hollywood films including Serendipity and Love Story.

Opened in 1949, this public rink was closed for repairs from 1980 to 1986. With the permission of the New York City mayor, Donald Trump took over the renovations when they became increasingly delayed. The rink, which is officially called the Trump Wollman Skating Rink, is operated today by the Trump organization.

Skating School and Ice Hockey

In addition to pleasure skating, Wollman Rink offers skating school for a variety of skill levels including classes for those who have never laced up a pair of skates before. There are also a variety of recreational ice hockey programs for both kids and adults.

Parties on Skates

The Wollman Rink can be rented for special events including birthday parties, business functions and fundraisers. Children’s birthday party packages are available that include unlimited skating, skate rentals, rink-side private seating, food and drinks, favours and balloons.

Visiting the Wollman Skating Rink in New York City

The rink is two minute walk from the Central Park South entrance at 59th Street and 6th Avenue. A footpath leads directly into the park.

Wollman Rink is open from late October to early April. For more details including hours of operation and admission fees call 212-439-6900 or visit Wollman Rink official website.