New Yankee Stadium

New Yankee Stadium

The New Yankee Stadium is an exciting project that will become the new official home for the legendary New York Yankee baseball team. The new stadium will replace the current stadium that has been part and parcel of New York’s legacy for many years, in a transfer project that will cost hundreds of millions of dollars upon its completion. New Yorkers hope to usher in the new stadium in April 2009 in a venture that has kindled the community spirit of the Big Apple.

Facts about the New Yankee Stadium

  • Designers: The New Yankee Stadium was created thanks to the visionary designs of the architectural firm HOK Sport.
  • Location: After a lot of thought, it was decided to start constructing the New Yankee Stadium parallel to the current stadium on 161 st and 164 th Streets in the Bronx.
  • Type: The New Yankee Stadium is an open air stadium with a natural grass surface to bring out the authenticity of Major League Baseball games which this location will host for many years to come.
  • Fan Capacity: The new stadium has been designed to hold 53,000 fans in total.
  • Cost: It is estimated that the total cost of the new stadium, upon its completion, will be $800 million.

Team Effort

The building of the New Yankee Stadium was not an easy project and it took the coordination of many groups to see this venture through to completion. The project is certainly the biggest seen in the Bronx in the past fifty years at least, and was only possible due to the community spirit that overlooked the inconvenience and kept alive the vision of a brand new home for the baseball team that has brought such pride to the area.

Architects, builders, professionals and local residents worked tirelessly to create the new stadium, which will finally open its doors in April 2009.

Old versus New

While it is impossible to ignore the nostalgic spirit and the charm of the old Yankee stadium, constructed in 1923, the new stadium has undoubtedly been planned to bring visitors one of the most enjoyable and comfortable baseball experiences in the world.

The existing field dimensions have been maintained to ensure that games are kept as similar as possible, but when it comes to seating arrangements, facilities and retail choices, it is clear that the New Yankee Stadium wins hands down.

Seat width and leg room between seats have been increased to make watching the game more comfortable, while cup holders have been added to all seats in the general seating row.

Restrooms have been added (one for every 60 fans instead of one for every 89), and there are around 15 dining and lounge options in the New Yankee Stadium compared to the four offered in the old one.

Monument Park

One of the most beloved features of the old Yankee Stadium was Monument Park, a collection of freestanding monuments and plaques dedicated to former Yankee baseball players. The good news is that Monument Park will be relocated to the New Yankee Stadium, in center field, and work on the new park began in November 2008.

Visiting New Yankee Stadium NYC

The spring of 2009 will usher in a new era for the New York Yankees. After over 85 years of calling one stadium their official home, they will need to transfer that special spirit to a new home with the opening of the New Yankee Stadium. Thanks to the unwavering efforts of those who believed in this project, it is almost sure that the new stadium will become an iconic landmark in New York City, just as its magnificent predecessor did for decades before.

Location: New Yankee Stadium parallel to the current stadium on 161st Street & River Avenue, Bronx, New York.

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